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Dr Penny Seth-Smith - Naturopathic Family Physician - Vancouver IslandThe Natural GP

An Integrated, Holistic General Medical Practitioner for Adults, Children and Infants.

Natural treatment for a complete range of illness and disease, including:

digestive disorders,  stress,  fatigue,  anxiety,  depression and hormone imbalances

Board Certified in Acupuncture

Prescriptive Authority



Don’t want the flu shot and don’t want the flu. This is for you!

For those of you who don’t want the flu shot and don’t want the flu…

Try homeopathic prophylaxis!!

What is prophylaxis? It is taking action to prevent something unwanted from happening. In this case, taking action to reduce your chances of getting flu.

Dr Penny offers natural treatments to help you stay healthy through the flu season.

Injections of natural immune support, herbal immune boosters and homeopathic pellets can all help.

Let Dr. penny support your health and wellbeing this flu season.

Call 250-361-9888 to learn more or to make an appointment

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Migraines gone in Minutes!

Banish migraines in minutes, with no ‘hangover’ effects!

Using natural, non-toxic, inexpensive treatments.

I can also help to identify your migraine triggers, so you know what to avoid to prevent a migraine starting.

“My migraine medication gave me my life back” BL, Sidney.

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Thermography assesses breast health without the use of X-rays or requiring pressure on the breast. Heat pictures are taken before and after a “cold challenge” of placing your hands in cold water. These are compared with each other and with any previous thermography test results, to let you know how healthy your breast are.

The next Thermography Breast Health Day is Saturday May 6th

The cost is $250

Great West Life Insurance policies often cover more than half of the fee.

To make an appointment or for more information please call: 250-361-9888

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